Shamanic Practitioner

and Energy Worker

© 2018 by Rowan Wolf

Salt Spring Island

British Columbia, Canada

Tel: 250-526-0057

Shamanic Practitioner


Offering individual

sessions and workshops

Meet Rowan


As a Shamanic practitioner, Rowan with her rich potpourri of spiritual tools gained along the way, will walk beside you on your healing journey. Rowan combines body work, energy work and Shamanism to assist you on your path to abundant health.

Whether it is massage, reiki, reflexology, chakra reading/clearing, power animal retrieval, or soul retrieval, you will find yourself freed from limitations and rejuvenated with a deeper sense of connection and who you are after each session.

The Shamanic Path


The World of Spirit Awaits. You have had a Spiritual Helper from before you were born. Your Helper wants to assist you in the stuck areas of your life; in your relationships, in healing past trauma, in sorting through feelings and what do to do about them, to provide you with insight and the support you need to face your darkest night or simply the next day. Whatever your need is, they are there.

White buffalo artwork by Arno Lukas

Individual Sessions & Workshops


As well as individual healing sessions, Rowan offers workshops on Drum Making, Power Animals and Spirit Guides: Fundamentals in Shamanism, and Chakras 101; Personal Energy Management.

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