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In addition to individual sessions, Rowan can offer group workshops covering a variety of topics relating to the Shamanic Path.

Educational and accessible, Rowan's workshops can be organized for small private groups, community gatherings or offered in the context of larger events.  Interactive and inspirational, these workshops are suitable for the general public, and can be tailored to various audiences.

Drum making     Rattle making
 Power animals and Spirit guides
Soul Loss & Retrieval and Soul Exchange
Chakra Energy Management 

Artwork by Jackie Traverse

 Power Animals and Spirit Guides Workshop

The two day Power Animals and Spirit Guides: Fundamentals in Shamanism is a foundational learning experience designed to provide an opportunity to experience the following:


  • Participate in a smudging ceremony, prayers and shamanic songs;

  • Receive an overview of the history, principles and practice of shamanism in the lineage of Manfred Lukas;

  • Experience a brief introductory shamanic journey with instruction, guidance and support;

  • Use drums and rattles;

  • Learn how to retrieve a power animal and the ceremony for bringing it back and supporting integration;

  • Dance your power animal;

  • Experience rock divination;

  • Seek a connection with your spirit guide through a shamanic journey;

  • Learn the set up, care and support required to organize a drumming group; and

  • Experience the synergy of a small group journey on the same topic.

The workshop experience will include a brief introduction to more advanced topics such as extraction work, soul retrieval, soul exchange and gender linked programming.


The group will be held in a circle format with the confidentiality of the individual and group experience held sacred. The format will be open and flexible, going with the flow of the group and the individual healing and growing opportunities that emerge from the collective experience. Laughter and tears are all part of the experience we will share together!

Soul Loss & Retrieval and Soul Exchange Workshop
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