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Salt Spring Island

British Columbia, Canada

Tel: 250-526-0057

About Rowan

Individual Sessions


Shamanic Sessions; may include Power Animals and Spirit Guides, Soul Loss and Retrieval Ceremonies, and Energy Management Ceremonies.

Body Work; may include Swedish Massage, Reiki, Reflexology, Lymphatic Drainage, Craniosacral Therapy, Chakra Reading.

Combining body work with shamanic work allows for long lasting healing.



Drum Making, Rattle Making

Power Animals and Spirit Guides

Soul Loss/Retrieval and Soul Exchange

Chakra Energy Management 

Throughout the years of offering massage therapy, I have increasingly worked on an energetic level. Starting out with working purely with only the person's physical body, I gradually became aware of receiving 'instructions' as to what I should be doing, ie; ' that's enough there, stay there a bit longer, now run a color through that spot', etc.. I began to listen closer to the instructions and intentionally invite Spirit to be present in my sessions, combining massage with reflexology, reiki, chakra readings and clearings, and body memory release, making it possible for each person to heal at the physical, mental and emotional level. When I began to also work Shamanically in the spiritual realm, people had the opportunity to enhance their connection to Spirit and receive help to make these changes.


So how did I find this pure gem of Shamanism?

Having grown up in the Mennonite Church, I understood the importance of having a spiritual life/connection. I was involved in the church at an early age; singing in the choir, teaching Sunday school, being part of the music group and dance group. The more I got involved with the church the more questions I had. Eventually I left the church and was free to explore my own relationship with Spirit.


This lead me down many roads; Wicca, Buddhism, Yoga, the Mayan and Aboriginal Spiritualities for example. The conclusion that I came to was that in most of the world's man made religions, however different the outside of any particular belief system was, the inner most essence was the same as the others. The advantage of working shamanically is that since our spiritual helpers come directly from Spirit, we create a deeply personal relationship to All That Is that bypasses the manmade constructs of all religions.


The most important contribution to my present understanding has been Aboriginal Spirituality.

I was a scabee ikwe (helper) for Elder Mae Louise Campbell (Ojibway/Metis) in Manitoba for many years. Through her guidance and teachings I have felt the acceptance and groundedness of the Sacred Red Road and am honoured to call this community home. I found that the shamanic elements of Ojibway 'doctoring' are mirrored in the shamanic practices of Indigenous cultures all around the world.


I received my shamanic training from Gaye Hanson, a shamanic practitioner of 20 years in Whitehorse, Yukon who honours the legacy left to us by Manfred Lukas. Manfred based his Universal Shamanism on the work of Michael Harner, an anthropologist who studied the world's shamanic cultures and combined the essence of each individual culture into one. Thus, this path belongs to no culture and every culture; to no one and to everyone. Manfred, a German Psychologist, reformed these ideas into an accessible and supportive field of study. The Old Buffalo Institute, established to carry on his legacy, offers workshops by accredited teachers Canada wide.

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