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and Energy Worker

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Salt Spring Island

British Columbia, Canada

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Individual Sessions

Rowan combines body work, energy work and Shamanism to assist you on your path to abundant health.  Whether it is massage, reiki, reflexology, chakra reading/clearing, power animal retrieval, or soul retrieval, you will find yourself freed from limitations and rejuvenated with a deeper sense of connection and who you are after each session.

Because all of our being is affected by body, mind, emotions and spirit, the greatest healing is assisted when we approach from every aspect of ourselves. Everything from body memories, attitudes, and beliefs held in the muscle tissue as well as aches and pains can be released and resolved by working physically, energetically and spiritually.

Power Animals and Spirit Guides

All of us have helpers from the Spiritual Realm present with us from before birth. In shamanic cultures around the world they are known as power animals. They come directly from Spirit to be your constant companion and support on your life's journey, protecting you as you travel in ordinary and non-ordinary reality. You may have a character power animal; one that 'matches' you, or you may receive a power animal that has shown up to offer you a specific gift (ie; bear can inspire courage), or to help you with a particular problem.


Your Spirit Guide has chosen to be with you to be your representative of divine love and to provide guidance on your life's path. They help you address issues, make decisions, and heal emotional trauma. The process of meeting your Spirit Guide involves learning how to enter the Journey state and navigate the spiritual realm, making each person's journey a unique and ultimately personal one that invites you to create a rich and nourishing spiritual connection.

Soul Loss and Retrieval

When we experience trauma, if we can't process it at the time due to our young age or being overwhelmed, a little bit of our soul wraps itself around that memory, removing it from our awareness so that we can carry on. If this has occurred enough times, we end up trying to live with a deficit of soul.  Frequent exhaustion, not feeling totally present, and incomplete memories are some indicators that you are missing some parts of yourself.  This process brings the soul part back with the opportunity to heal the trauma, allowing you to live fully and freely.

Soul Exchange

In all of our present and past relationships, whether it is with our partners, children, parents or co-workers, there can be blurring of boundaries. Without realizing it, we can put on the other person our own expectations or 'stuff' and likewise, we can accept into ourselves the others' stuff. We become stuck in the pattern of the relationship or to the other person. This process cleans up the energetic connection between you, establishing a clear foundation for the relationship to proceed in the healthiest way possible.

Chakra Reading and Clearing 

The seven major energy centres of our body (chakras) function to funnel energy into our cells. Every cell we have has receptors for the molecules associated with thoughts and feelings. So when we feel sad, each cell is affected by those molecules and we feel sad all over, sometimes affecting specific organs. It is the same with anger, joy, or fear. The negative emotions affect our systems by decreasing the flow of energy through various chakras, so that our cells do not have sufficient access to our bodies' healing capabilities. This can lead to disease.  


Identifying and clearing the emotions and issues in each chakra allows the energetic flow through the chakras to be revived. The awareness gained through this process enhances your ability to use your emotions as tools for greater personal understanding and your ability to control your life.

If you are experiencing addictions, self-harm, physical pain, rage, or sorrow, a chakra reading and clearing will address the emotional expression of your pain, allowing you to face the source of the pain in a safe and effective way.


Reiki is an ancient form of healing developed in 1922 by Japanese Buddhist Mikao Usui. It works by allowing the flow of Universal Life Energy to wash through the practitioner's body and hands into the recipient, cleansing and renewing their life force energy. People have said Reiki feels like warm melted chocolate seeping into their body. Other people don't feel anything except a profound sense of peace or love. Reiki is an extremely effective method for stress reduction and is a non-invasive hands-on (or hands-off if you prefer) way of inviting Universal Love, Light and Healing into your life.

Lymphatic Drainage

The lymphatic system functions to reabsorb the extra-cellular fluid that seeps out of the capillaries to bathe each individual cell. The cells release their waste products into the fluid which is picked up by minute lymphatic capillaries and transported to the heart to be put back into the regular circulatory system. Not only does the lymphatic system work to decrease any over abundance of fluid (swelling), it also detoxifies the body by delivering the cells' waste products to their respective systems that remove the toxins from the body.

This gentle hands-on therapy will help to speed up your recovery time from a work out, increase the effectiveness of a cleanse, aide your body in ridding itself of chemicals, and remove swelling due to an injury.


Reflexology is based on the theory that energetic pathways loop through our bodies which are accessible in our feet, hands and ears. By stimulating these points, the corresponding body system or organ receives a greater flow of energy, boosting our body's natural healing ability. Sometimes, if an organ or system is compromised, the reflex point can be tender, or the therapist may feel granules under the surface of the skin.

Profoundly relaxing, this therapy can boost your overall energy, clear emotional blockages and stimulate your immune system.

CranioSacral Therapy

CranioSacral Therapy is a very gentle technique that works with the bones of the skull and sacrum. The resulting quickening of the cranial pulse rhythm and amount of cerebrospinal fluid produced serves to nourish the brain and spinal cord. People with Alzheimer's, birth trauma, concussions, and strokes can experience a profound improvement in their cognitive abilities. A full CranioSacral treatment includes work on the rest of the body as well, improving a wide range of conditions.

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