Shamanic Practitioner

and Energy Worker

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Salt Spring Island

British Columbia, Canada

Tel: 250-526-0057


Shamanism is the practice of journeying into the spiritual realm for the purpose of gaining connection to Universal Love, gaining self knowledge, and the healing for yourself or others.


I have been a registered massage therapist for 30 years. In assisting my clients with their conditions, I have always had the question “What do people need in order to heal?” in the back of my mind and heart. The answers I've collected resonate with such healers as Deepak Chopra, Caroline Myss, Dr. Candace Pert, and Dr. Gabor Mate, among many others. Each of these professionals acknowledge that healing has to occur at the heart, mind, body and soul level simultaneously for a lasting improvement to occur. I have seen this to be true in my clients' lives and in my own. Each part of our being has some percentage of involvement in our physical condition. If one aspect of our self is compromised, it compromises the whole of us, which can lead to the development of disease.


We need to address whatever ails us:

  • physically with whatever the allopathic or the naturopathic system has to offer,

  • mentally by looking at what messages and beliefs are in our minds,

  • emotionally by acknowledging and expressing what we are feeling,

  • and spiritually by engaging the help we have from the spirit realm.


Our North American society is excellent at working physically with our medical issues, with our intricate medical systems dealing with both chronic and acute conditions of the body, as does the naturopathic system. Our psychologists, psychiatrists, and counselors aid in the healing of the mind and sometimes of the heart through talk therapy. What is missing from the equation is spirit.


I have experienced my best personal healing when I have acknowledged that I am connected to the Divine and connected to the earth, our Earth Mother. In this sacred energy created by el corazon del cielo y la corazon de la tierra (heart of sky and heart of earth), I have found the courage to face the darkest moments of my life, and that whatever may be, I am loved. We are loved.


The worldwide ancient tradition of Shamanism provides us with a framework to make this connection. Profoundly individual and immensely powerful, the shamanic path strengthens and enriches your relationship to Universal Love within your current beliefs, whether you call God the Creator, All That Is, the Divine, or the Great Spirit. It provides a way to connect you with your spirit helpers/power animals who help you navigate within the spirit realm. By working at this level, all aspects of your being; body, mind, spirit, and soul have the possibility of being healed.

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